Family Fragmentation

*This segment was recorded prior to the Pandemic*    *Este segmento fue grabado antes de la pandemia*

La abogada Dayanna Moreno Immigration Legal Assistance Program at Ascentria Care Alliance, Conversa con Veronica Garcia y nos explica sobre el peligro de entrar sin documentos y las consecuencias de las nuevas regulaciones de la situación actual a nivel nacional y a nivel estatal. La abogada a demas nos informa de quienes son vulnerables a la deportación y a donde son enviados los ninos que les separan de sus familias.

Dayanna Moreno, Lawyer for the Immigration Legal Assistance Program at Ascentria Care Alliance, talks with Veronica Garcia and explains the danger of entering the country without documents and the consequences of the new regulations at the national and state level. Moreno also informs us of who is most vulnerable to deportation and where the children who are separated from their families are being sent.

For more information about this topic, read the article by UMASS students: Emily Cicio, Emma Kristoffy and Vanessa Lopez

Through the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexican communities across Western Massachusetts are trying to ensure that their fellow neighbors can stay in business and provide for their families. Many businesses have had to make the tough decision to close their doors and turn away customers that help to keep them financially stable.Coyote Flaco in Williamstown is one of the many local restaurants that is struggling to stay afloat during these hard times, but their loyal customers are not willing to see the restaurant close and have made efforts to support the owners.

United in Troubled Times

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