Presencia: Episode 203 Preview

Tomando Riesgo Con Nuestras Finanzas

Es muy importante saber cómo manejar nuestras finanzas y el conocer dónde y cuándo invertir nuestro dinero nos ayudará a tomar sabias decisiones. Nuestros invitados Marcos Luzuriaga Technology Entrepreneur y Harry Montalvo Especialista de Desarrollo Comunitario nos hablarán de algunos recursos y opciones que tenemos en Nueva Inglaterra. Recordemos que la clave del éxito consiste en informarnos y preguntar a los expertos en la materia.

The Cubit in Holyoke
The Cubit on Twitter: @CubitLiving
Easthampton Savings Bank

Photograpy as Therapy

Philip Bauer sits down with Zydalis to share how photography has been a therapeutic medium for him. He enjoys telling stories using his collection of photographs and explains how using them to produce his own digital story made the process easier to talk about himself.

Philip Bauer on YouTube

Rachel y Su Nuevo Impacto

Raquel Maldonado is Puerto Rican, and started in music at the young age three years-old. Raquel’s parents introduced her to different varieties of music like Bolero, Dance, Full Salsa, Merengue and more. Now, produces and records her own music as Rachel y Su Nuevo Impacto. Raquel has performed around the country and around the world.

Rachel y Su Nuevo Impacto
Rachel y Su Nuevo Impacto on YouTube

Raices Restaurant

Raices is a Puerto Rican Restaurant that offers a variety of foods rich in flavor and colors. They welcome customers with a smile and make them feel as if they are on the island, serving authentic Puerto Rican food like mofongo, shrimp, & more.

Raices Restaurant on Facebook

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