Defining Latinx

*This segment was recorded prior to the Pandemic*       *Este segmento fue grabado antes de la pandemia*

Zydalis Bauer is joined in the studio by Kelvin Molina-Brantley, Community Resident and Dr. Stephanie M. Huezo from Mt. Holyoke College to discuss the term “Latinx.” In their conversation, they touch on where the term originated, why some are choosing to identify as Latinx and also the criticisms that this term faces. They also talk about how they personally identify and what Latinx means to them.

Zydalis Bauer comparte en el estudio con Kelvin Molina-Brantley, residente de la comunidad y la Dra. Stephanie M. Huezo de Mt. Holyoke College para discutir el término «Latinx». En su conversación, mencionan dónde se originó el término, por qué algunos deciden identificarse como Latinx y también las críticas a las que se enfrenta este término. Además hablan sobre cómo se identifican personalmente y qué significa Latinx para ellos.

For more information about this topic, read the article by UMASS students: Benjamin Aliaga and Yaritza Bushell

What does the term Latinx mean? Jazebel Bermudez, an ESL Teacher who co-teaches an Ethnic Studies class at Holyoke High School, along with her two students Gia Serrano and Daniela Marte Ramos, explain what Latinx means to them and how the term is interpreted by others in their communities.

This week on ‘Presencia’_ Exploring the term Latinx

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