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*This segment was recorded prior to the Pandemic*    *Este segmento fue grabado antes de la pandemia*

In this segment, Zydalis Bauer speaks with Zulma Rivera-Delgado from the Springfield Chapter of Neighbor to Neighbor and Nayroby Rosa-Soriano from OneHolyoke CDC about civic engagement. In their conversation they talk about the voter turnout rate in our Latino communities, strategies that their organizations have for community engagement and their opinions on why civic engagement is important.

En este segmento, Zydalis Bauer habla con Zulma Rivera-Delgado del area de Springfield de Vecino a Vecino y Nayroby Rosa-Soriano de OneHolyoke CDC sobre el compromiso cívico. En su conversación, hablan sobre la tasa de participación electoral en nuestras comunidades latinas, las estrategias que tienen sus organizaciones para la participación comunitaria y sus opiniones sobre por qué es importante la participación cívica.

For more information about this topic, read the article by UMASS students: Elena Jacob and Brandon Estrada

Latinos are well on their way to becoming the largest faction of minority voters in Massachusetts. Neighbor 2 Neighbor has been leading the charge in getting these eligible voters to their voting precincts to increase the Latino voter turnout in the 2020 election and to continue encouraging voter participation in elections to come.

_Latinx voters can make a difference in the 2020 election

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